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Board of Trustees

Guy Blomfield


  03 315 6692
Ginny Macfarlane


03 315 6368
Belinda Rutherford

Melody Popplewell
  Staff Representative

Minutes Secretary

03 315 8231
Alistair Kenyon   Health & Safety 03 315 6658
Berry Neppelenbroek   Property/Buildings 03 315 6653
Renee Dampier-Crossley

Alex Thompson
  Community Liaison

  03 315 6339


The Rotherham School Board of Trustees are a group of elected members who are made up of three parent representatives, the Principal and a staff representative.  The Board of Trustees set direction and long term plans for the school then together monitor progress.  The direction and plans are determined by the Education Act and the National Education priorities set by the New Zealand government.  Together we all work together to achieve a common goal of an environment where children are learning to their fullest potential while being in happy and safe surroundings.

The Rotherham School Board of Trustees develop various projects to benefit our children and keep the school looking great.  Some recent projects include the playground upgrade in 2016 and updating the classrooms. Some future projects include a new carpark and updating the toilets and foyer area.