Home and School

The Rotherham Home and School is an organisation of committed parents bringing our school community together, assisting in raising additional funds needed and helping organise social events.
We hold one or two big events to raise the required funds to go towards school projects for the benefit of our fantastic children at Rotherham School.
We always welcome everybody to support our Home and School.  It is a great way to become more involved and to be part of your childrens' education.


  • Gemma Chick ~ President
  • Tash Thomas ~ Vice President
  • Gail Kenyon ~ Secretary 
  • Rachel Neppelenbroek ~ Treasurer  
  • Juliette Roberts ~ Uniforms    


  •  We will be holding our annual Rogaine Fundraiser with Amuri Area School in June.
  • Our major fundraiser selling corn was once again very successful this year.
  • We hope to have a fun social fundraiser later in the year.